your connection for beads

New Beads HERE!
Piggies - Offset Two 2 Hole Cup-Shaped Beads
Pellets - ONE hole, sort of hourglass shaped
Two 2 Hole Daggers
New Beads Coming!
HALF  Tilas (Two 2 Hole Too)
Silky Beads
    Two 2 DIAGONAL Hole Tile-esque (silly name)
More 2 Two Hole Daggers
O Beads - like tiny donuts! NOT 2 Two Hole!
Tri Beads - we're going to try them.  NOT 2 Two Hole!

Other Stuff On The Way...
Navy and Turquoise 3mm Rattail (icky name)

Bulk Ball Chain and Connectors -
    for quick and affordable necklaces and bracelets.
Super New Glue (great gel super glue cyanoacrylate)
Sticky Bead Mats -
    intentionally sticky; and kind of new to us!